What will we do?
Save you time, money, & stress

  • Works exclusively for you
  • Evaluate your policy and ensure requirements are met
  • Assess damages and make detailed estimates
  • Find resources for the temporary relocatation of your home or business
  • Meet and negotiate with the Insurance Company on your behalf
  • Keep you informed during the claim process
  • Guide you through the repair and replacment process
  • Finalize your claim true to the damages

Why hire us?

  • How can you be assured the insurance company will compensate your loss?
  • You need an adjuster working for your interests rather thean the insurance company's.
  • Hiring us is your chance to level the playing field. Our expertise eliminates possible mistakes someone unfamiliar with the claims process might make.
  • We are dedicated professionals that acheive results!

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SIPA adjusters are here to assist consumers in adjustment and negotiation of commercial and residential losses using the latest technology in the adjusters field to help expedite your claim.